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group of people pictureADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL

There are five Adult Sunday School classes. Each class meets from early Fall to Spring at 8:45am before the service. You do not have to be a member of Wakonda to attend, and you can join a class at any time.

Barton Stones - This class is known for their healthy and lively conversations as they look at the Bible, exploring our faith, and agreeing to disagree! They will walk through the New Testaments through C William Nichols. Don Shreffler is the leader of this study, which meets in Room #6 next to the Thomason Room.

Crossroads - When this group gets together, they connect the Bible to life, and celebrate the joys of life as well as share in the struggles, all in a community of love, trust and acceptance. Richard Guentert leads this study on the upper level in the room next to the Library.

Horizons - This is a group that reflects on Biblical text with the intent to act on what they discover. The class is led by Dwight Grieser in the west side of the Thomason Room.

Wakonda Wonders - TThis class uses video based studies to explore faith and life issues.

Hymns - This group will study the history, scriptural references, and meaning of some of our favorite hymns of our faith. They will sing and study these hymns to bring new meaning to our worship and praise. This group will be lead by Steve Carter in the sanctuary.