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Food Truck Party

Food Truck Party VBS

Wakonda Christian Church invites you to join us for a Food Truck Party Vacation Bible School (VBS) style on June 27th-30th from 5:30 PM-7:30 PM. At Food Truck Party VBS, your students will enjoy an interactive, energizing, Bible-based good time as they get on a roll with God. They will become “Chefs” and discover how we can turn to God in prayer every day to meet our needs and how we can join God in providing for the needs of others.

We will begin each evening with a meal for our Chefs. Then we will move upstairs for a high-energy Opening Assembly time where we will jam to fun songs and dances while hearing about our theme for the day. During the Opening Assembly, Chefs will hear about our mission project as their response to a call for action!

Chefs will have three interactive rotations each evening. The rotations will be the Bible Story Station, the Craft and Science Station, and the Recreation Station.

Bible Story Station: Interactive Bible lessons reveal Daily Specials to equip your Chefs for an active life with God. Your Chefs will also discover our Main Course (Bible memory verse), which will remain with them in their faith long after VBS.

Craft and Science Station: The students will expand on what they’ve discovered by making their own art projects and explore the wonders of God’s creation through fun scientific adventures.

Recreation Station: Chefs will play interactive, silly, and high-energy games with an emphasis on outside play (weather permitting).

We will finish each evening with a Closing Assembly where we see how our mission project is progressing, jam to the songs we’ve learned, and join in a blessing and prayer.

Thursday, June 30th: Families are invited to a Closing Ceremony and Concert where you can enjoy watching your Chef sing, dance, and shine in our sanctuary. More information on this and other details of our week will be provided in June.

****Please register below by May 31st. Please bring your one-time payment of $20 with you on the first day of VBS, where we will welcome you at our sign-in table.

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